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St. Teresa of Avila - Grovetown, Georgia
Master Plan

Saint Teresa Parish has been relocated from Augusta, GA to Columbia County in order to service the Catholic Community in that area. James Paull developed the design program for the site and the buildings.

JP Architecture completed the construction documents and worked with an engineering team in Augusta, GA. The site that was purchased is 44 acres and was an abandoned golf training camp.

Several Vision Sessions were held for the parishioners to develop needs and hopes for the new site and buildings. There were also sessions held as part of the fund raising efforts which obtained buy-in from the parishioners.

The general concept was to create a complex of buildings with the future Church as a focal point from the road and an interior courtyard. Circulation drive was to travel around the building complex with parking areas off that drive.

Phase One included the site work and two buildings. The Parish Life Building has offices, a gathering space, and a parish hall which are used for church services and social events. The hall also has storage and a full kitchen with a service entry. The Parish Life Building has 23,600 sq. ft. and the Education Building has 17,600 sq. ft. with twelve classrooms each containing plumbing fixtures and storage space.

Completed: September, 2005
The site development at St. Teresa of Avila is a twenty-five year plan with many phases of construction.

Total Project Cost: $5.599 million

St. Teresa Exterior
St. Teresa Sanctuary
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